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What is Cognito?

AWS CognitoCognito, released by Amazon Web Services in mid 2014, provides identity management and data storage primarily for native mobile apps but is equally useful for web apps and Phonegap/Cordova apps. In true AWS fashion it takes a back end problem and provides a completely autoscaled solution as a service. You no longer have to set up databases and worry about access and uptime for these databases.



Cognito has its pros and cons:


- Extremely low cost.

- Suitable for all platforms both native apps and javascript web apps.

- AWS is the largest and most experienced infrastructure as a service provider.

- Cognito opens up a wealth of other AWS resources such as S3, EC2 and DynamoDB.


- Cognito is new and not widely accepted yet like Little information outside of AWS is available.

- Not suitable for beginners.

These tutorials will hopefully address the cons of Cognito and get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible. To learn more about Cognito click on one of the tutorials:

Cognito Node.JS Tutorial

Cognito PhoneGap/Cordova Tutorial

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