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DevOps Engineering Services

BackSpace is a division of Asia Pacific Robotics Corporation P/L, a company that has been providing technology solutions to industry for over 20 years.

BackSpace provides innovative solutions to all your system integration challenges.




Future-proof your applications with GraphQL

Developed by Facebook, GraphQL is the new gold standard, allowing standardised process for database and web services integration. Connect to any data source (SQL, NO-SQL, REST, SOAP etc) and, change datasources in the future.



Handle difficult integration scenarios with ease.

Developed by BackSpace, ElasticSubmit is an enterprise web automation solution. Interface to any system through the user interface using web automation. Fault tolerant and autoscaling to provide maximum data throughput with minimum costs.

Open Submitter


Improve efficiency by Eliminating data entry

Developed by BackSpace as an open source project, OpenSubmitter is a web automation framework designed to eliminate data entry tasks.


asset management

Whether you are running a manufacturing operation or a data centre, good asset management is essential to business competitiveness. BackSpace provides full asset management consulting services from ISO 55000 assessment to Enterprise Asset Management software and integration services.

Lightning EAM

Lightning EAM

Creating the World's Fastest EAM System

Developed by BackSpace as an open source project to create the World's fastest EAM system utilizing the latest in back-end and front-end technologies.

ISO 55000


The International Standard for Asset Management

Gain the edge over your competition through ISO 55000 certification. Our certified ISO 55000 assessors can lead you through this valuable certification.



We Help Make Great Companies even Better

BackSpace will help you find the hidden potential others overlook. Our innovative approach ranges from workforce efficiency using Kanban, through to big data analysis using Hadoop and ElasticSearch.

Launch your career in cloud

AWS Certifications are some of the most in demand IT qualifications currently available.

BackSpace Academy can help you gain this highly regarded qualification in a timely and cost-effective way. Based upon the AWS certification blueprints, our online courses guide you through all relevant aspects of certification and, reinforce this through guided hands-on lab classes, to ensure your effort is not wasted at exam time.

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